Team 3D NFT Designer - LinkedIn Senior 3D designer with 8 years of experience in 3D Graphic and Game Development. Chief Marketing Officer of the creative Dreamink Studio working on the Lion Pride Club project.
Orujov Project Director - LinkedIn Overseeing the project dynamics and building a team of high-level specialists to create the best Solana based NFT collection.
Sirius Solana Engineer - LinkedIn Building the front-end and back-end from the ground up, believes in open source code, and is convinced that Solana based NFT will change the world for the better.
Useynov Senior Marketeer - LinkedIn Senior marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. Overseeing the marketing side of the NFT project.
Bagirov Growth Manager - LinkedIn Systematically applying growth hacking practices to the project while adding value to the holders and creating bold and revolutionary ideas to galvanise progress.
Rzayev Blockchain Strategist - LinkedIn Integrating state of the art blockchain technology while delivering top-notch blockchain and cryptocurrency insights to build premium fundamentals.
Nishit Content Strategist - LinkedIn Senior content writer with over 5 years of experience, responsible for overseeing all content-related needs, from press releases to website copy.
HyperX Community Director Managing all aspects of the Lion Pride Club community, working on public relations, and creating strategies for project awareness.
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