Locked/Mission-Based Staking
In addition to free staking, users will also have the option to lock-stake their NFTs. These will be time-based special missions based on the group that lions belong to, and these will involve more difficult activities that will therefore come with higher rewards. For locked staking, lions will be able to earn the same 10 $LPC tokens per day as long as they keep their lions staked for the entire duration of the mission.
Additionally, as a reward for participating in these special missions, the user will also be rewarded with special gems, which will have a unique power-up depending on its color. The exact powers of each gem along with the explanation can be found in the Gem Model Explanation.
For each kind of locked-staking, the user will be required to use only the compatible group of lions, and therefore, they will have to own an NFT from one of the tribes in that group. For example, if the mission requires an Aquatic Lion, only users who own a lion from either the AnatoLions or the HydroLions tribe will be able to participate in these missions.
Gems and staking rewards will only be given to users who complete the entire mission, and unstaking your lion before the completion of the mission will result in forfeiture of all the rewards associated with the particular mission.
While free staking will be available as soon as the mint is completed, the locked-staking will only be launched after some time, in order to adjust for the gamified staking power balance.
The duration of each mission based on the tribe groups, along with the tribes that are allowed to complete the missions, have been given below.
Name of Group
Compatible Tribes
Duration of Missions
Gem Received
Agricultural Lions
CreedLions, LionStripes, GuineaLions
Soul stone
Military Lions
Cybernetics, Commandos, BatLions
Space stone
Aquatic Lions
AnatoLions, HydroLions
Mind stone
Research Lions
Swamplands, MediLions
Time stone
Industrial Lions
Power stone
Entertainment Lions
Reality stone
Note: The duration of the missions is not fixed, and might change by the time the locked-staking is launched.
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