$LPC tokens will have multiple use cases within the LPC ecosystem, which have been listed below:
Raffles: Members of the Lion Pride Community will have the opportunity to buy raffle tickets using their $LPC tokens. Each raffle ticket will be an entry into lotteries that will give various rewards to winners ranging from, Solana Blue Chip NFTs, Whitelist spots of other Solana projects, and more exclusive items.
This will give them the opportunity to become more deeply involved in the LPC ecosystem. At the end of the lottery, 80% of the $LPC tokens that have been received as entry fees will be burned, and the 20% will be locked in the Lion Pride Club community wallet. This mechanism will be used to control the supply of the $LPC tokens, thereby preventing devaluation and over-supply.
A First-Come-First-Serve basis will be used for these raffles, and only a limited number of tickets will be available for entry. Users will also be able to purchase multiple raffle tickets, and there is no upper limit on how many raffle entries can be purchased by an individual.
Auctions: In order to promote deeper cooperation between different Solana NFT projects and expand the community even further, Lion Pride Club will acquire NFTs periodically from a variety of blue-chip Solana NFT projects. These will then be auctioned to users in the Utopia marketplace within the community, and the highest bidder will then receive the NFT. Bids can only be placed in the form of $LPC tokens, and users with unsuccessful bids will not see any deduction of tokens from their wallet.
Whenever an NFT has been successfully auctioned, the $LPC tokens received from the sale will be taken out of the circulation in order to limit the supply of the $LPC tokens.
Utopia Marketplace: Once the Utopia marketplace has been launched, the $LPC token will serve as the main currency of this marketplace. Members of the community will be able to trade a variety of project-related items in these marketplaces, including gems and other project related exclusive items.
PvP P2E game: Once the strategic combat PvP game is launched in the future, the $LPC token will also serve as the primary currency in this game, giving more inherent utility to the token.
Note: The value of the $LPC token will completely depend on the value assigned by the community members.
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