Introduction to Hierarchy
The LPC ecosystem has three levels of hierarchy - Groups, Tribes, and Bodies.
Six groups were built based on the tasks the lions would perform in the Utopia ecosystem.
The purpose of classifying lions into groups is locked stacking, a second form of stacking that will allow lions to receive special rewards in addition to their regular $LPC token.
Each group of lions will have their own set of tasks within the Utopia metaverse. Upon completion of locked staking mission, holders will receive a special reward depending on the group the lions belong to. Detailed explanations on the two forms of staking available to Lion Pride Club holders have been provided in the tokenomics section of the whitepaper.
Each group has from one to three tribes inside of it. Tribes have been classified based on their looks and backstory associated with them.
There are 12 tribes in total, and each of them has a fixed set of bodies. The reason for this tribal classification is to ensure that each group can have a different level of rarity.
Within each tribe, there are different bodies. Each body has a unique story behind it, and bodies have been allocated to tribes so that easy classification can be possible. Different bodies also have different rarity levels. Every tribe has at least 3 bodies, and some even have 4 bodies. The purpose of classifying each tribe into bodies is to further the project lore.
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