Group 6: Entertainment Lions

Salient Features of Entertainment Lions

% of Total Lions: 14% Tribes Included: CineLions Primary Tasks: Record and release new song through a music studio Write and perform a new play or opera song Develop a new fashion line and sell the designs to the Textile Aristocats

CineLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 14% Bodies Included: Clown Lion Jester Lion Orange Lion Pink Lion Rarity Rank: 12
Tribe Story: The CineLions are entertainers, and they primarily engage only in music, theatre, and art. The greatest artists, actors, musicians, and singers in the lions’ history have belonged to this tribe. They produce songs and movies for the other lions to listen to and usually live very flashy flamboyant lives. The tribe is currently based in a part of Utopia called the Cali-roar-nia.
In the old country, these lions worked for the government media agency, where they were primarily responsible for producing propaganda. They did not like doing this work, however, they really did not have an option because the tyrant controlled all media and entertainment channels. They acted in movies describing how good life was under the tyrant, sang songs praising him, and put on performances in different parts of the country saying that life without him would be terrible.
When the rest of the lions decided to leave the country and go out in search of other lands, the CineLions decided to join them because they were tired of doing propaganda and lying to their fellow lions. They settled in Utopia, and now that they were working for themselves, they let their artistic senses flourish.
Currently, the CineLions manage film studios, music studios, theatres, as well as most opera houses in Utopia. They have different sects within the tribe for each of these forms of art, and the content they create is enjoyed by lions throughout the country. They have created movies ranging from romantic comedies to horror, and they cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.
The CineLions are easily identifiable due to the fact that they always have make-up on and they’re usually dressed in funky outfits. Superstars in the tribe can even set and change what’s fashionable through their outfits. Some of the actors in the tribe are so popular that they were hired by the textile Aristocats to be the brand ambassadors for their line of clothes.
In general, CineLions tend to be friendly, funny, and creative creatures, and they control all the broadcasting and entertainment services in all of Utopia.
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Salient Features of Entertainment Lions
CineLions Tribe