Group 5: Industrial Lions

Salient Features of Industrial Lions

% of Total Lions: 6% Tribes Included: Aristocats Primary Tasks: Build a new factory to improve production and distribution across Utopia Ensure that all factories are compliant with the latest environmental policies and best-practices Expand the product line to bring new products to the Utopian lions

Aristocats Tribe

% of Total Lions: 6% Bodies Included: Sandy Yellow Lion Gold Lion Silver Lion Rarity Rank: 4
Tribe Story: The Aristocats are primarily made up of 5 families, and together, these families own and control almost all the businesses in the country. Each of these families handles a particular aspect of the country’s commerce: transportation, textiles, food, beverages, and weaponry. They own and manage factories across the land, and are responsible for providing employment to over 70% of the lions in the country.
Despite being extremely rich for generations, the Aristocats still do care for the people in the country, and they frequently donate to charities and programs that can help uplift the standards of the poorest lions. In their 100-year history, no group of lions has ever gone on strike due to poor wages or bad working conditions. The Aristocats treat all their employees as a family, and that is why they are loved everywhere.
They had to leave the Old Country because of the tyrant: not only did he keep raising taxes to help pay for his war, but the havoc he wreaked also destroyed several Aristocat factories and killed many of their workers. That was the last straw, and the Aristocats decided to join the other lions and leave for Utopia.
In Utopia, they set up their factories again, and now the entire town is prosperous because of them. In addition to running factories and handling the town’s finances, they also support a variety of endeavours: from funding Utopia’s military research to setting up free hospitals for the poor.
Due to their wealth, the Aristocats also enjoy a privileged and powerful status in Utopia, and the Leader of the High Council has almost always been from their tribe. The lions of Utopia trust that the Aristocats are looking out for the best interests of everyone, and their compassion is their most defining characteristic.
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Salient Features of Industrial Lions
Aristocats Tribe