Group 4: Research Lions

Salient Features of Research Lions

% of Total Lions: 11% Tribes Included: Swamplands, MediLions Primary Tasks: Research and build new equipment for advanced medical treatment of lions. Develop vaccines for new diseases and to boost the immunity of the lions Inoculate the Utopian population by mass-producing new treatments

Swamplands Tribe

% of Total Lions: 3% Bodies Included: Radioactive Lion Monster Lion Trippy Lion Rarity Rank: 1
Tribe Story: Two hundred years ago, the Swampland lions used to live near the river in the northern part of the country. The tribe relied very heavily on the river for all their needs, ranging from agriculture to drinking and bathing. The river was also the spot for a nuclear power plant that was responsible for supplying power to more than half the country.
Unfortunately, due to a simple error, the nuclear plant began to overheat and a lot of toxic radioactive material leaked into the river. The government decided to cover up this news to avoid embarrassment, and hence, the Swampland lions never realised that this had happened.
The toxic material ended up contaminating the water, and the high level of radioactivity caused a variety of health problems. For years after the event, lions in the tribe were born deformed or sick, and many didn’t even survive childbirth. No one could pinpoint how or why this was happening until a scientist called Roar Banner arrived on the scene.
Roar Banner had studied nuclear physics and was an expert in his field. After conducting a series of tests, he realised that the issue was the polluted water in the river, and he advised the tribe to move. However, the Swampland elders refused to leave their only home and requested Banner to do something else instead.
In the end, Banner created a vaccine and inoculated everyone in the tribe with it, which gave them immunity to the effects of the radioactive material. This fixed the health problems, but it also had an unintended side effect: the lions were now born with unique “abilities”. Each lion in the Swamplands has a unique set of powers.
When the tribe had to relocate to Utopia due to the war, the Swampland tribe took on the responsibility of the town scientists. It was due to their research and efforts that Utopia’s soil became fertile enough for irrigation and the lions were able to enjoy the benefits of technological development.

MediLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 8% Bodies Included: Red Lion Magic Lion Blue & Yellow Lion Rarity Rank: 6
Tribe Story: The MediLions are among the most highly educated tribes of them all. They are doctors and healers, and they are responsible for handling all the hospitals and pharmacies across the country. Some of the more highly educated MediLions even work alongside the Swampland researchers to develop new and more advanced medical technology.
Historically, the MediLions were healers. When technology wasn’t as advanced and all the lions lived in the jungles, MediLions used herbal remedies to treat common medical problems like fevers, fractures, and other injuries. However, as technology began to evolve, they began to study medicine and develop more efficient solutions to problems.
As doctors in the old country, the MediLions got to witness firsthand the enormous scale of destruction and the effect it had on the lions. Every day, there were hundreds of lions being rushed into the ER with bullet wounds and shrapnel lodged in their bodies. Not to mention, due to the number of resources that were being spent on the war, everything else had taken a backseat for the tyrant. There was a shortage of food, clean water, and medicines. Hundreds of lions died of malnutrition simply because the hospital didn’t have the resources to save their lives.
This made the MediLions sick, and they felt like they were betraying their fundamental doctor’s Liocratic oath - Do No Harm. Even though all they were trying to do was help the lions, they felt like unwitting accomplices in the atrocities committed by the tyrant. Therefore, when they got a chance to leave the country for good and get away from all the pain and sorrow, they decided to take it.
Once they got to Utopia, they set up new hospitals using funding and research grants received from the Aristocats. In the poorer parts of the country, they even offered free treatments. Over time, the hospitals have become better equipped and larger, and they can now handle a very large patient volume on a daily basis. The leader of the MediLions also represents the tribe in the Lion Pride Club as the health representative.
Like lions, the MediLions are quite astute and observant. They also come off as friendly and are known for their compassion. They’re smart, confident, and always looking for ways to expand their knowledge.
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Salient Features of Research Lions
Swamplands Tribe
MediLions Tribe