Group 3: Aquatic Lions

Salient Features of Aquatic Lions

% of Total Lions: 15% Tribes Included: AnatoLions, HydroLions Primary Tasks: Build new fishing trawlers to increase the frequency of fishing expeditions Repair existing fishing trawlers and complete the maintenance of the fishing equipment Sell the fish that was caught through direct markets or to manufacturing factories

AnatoLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 5% Bodies Included: X-Ray Lion Skeleton Lion Albino Lion Rarity Rank: 3
Tribe Story: The AnatoLions are a unique tribe for two reasons: They either have extremely white skin, transparent skin, or no skin at all, and this means that you can usually see their skeletons just by looking at them; and they live in very un-lion-like habitats, preferring the ice and extremely cold temperatures.
To understand why they look the way they do, we need to understand the history of the AnatoLions. In the old country, they lived in the polar ranges, where it snowed almost all the time. They didn’t build houses, preferring to live in icy structures called igloos instead. Their diet is also primarily fish and other aquatic animals that they could find in the harsh polar climate.
Over time, their bodies started to adapt to this climate. Their fur fell off due to the extreme levels of cold, and their skin became pale white and/or transparent. They stopped feeling the cold, and could now wander about in the snow without needing to wear coats or layers of heat. This gave them a distinct evolutionary advantage over the other creatures in the region, as they could now hunt, stalk, and kill prey with great speed and skill.
When the AnatoLions moved to Utopia, they settled down in the polar regions of the country and continued with their way of life. However, they soon began to face troubles because of the factories that had been set up near the region. The smoke and pollution caused by these factories caused the ice to begin to melt, which threatens the AnatoLions’ habitat.
The leader of the tribe discussed this with the factory owners and they came up with a transition plan via which the factory could mitigate its pollution and thus reduce the harm it was causing. While this has been implemented, the progress is still quite slow and the damage has already been done. The AnatoLions now face the threat of extinction if the situation persists and the ice melts away.
In general, the lions keep to themselves and are not known to be very social. Most other lions are scared of the way they look and don’t bother the tribe. Within the tribe, however, they are quite social and fun and known for having lavish parties.

HydroLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 10% Bodies Included: Blue Lion Cyan Lion Fish Scales Lion Ice Lion Rarity Rank: 9
Tribe Story: The HydroLions are very close to the AnatoLions, as they both live in similar habitats. While the AnatoLions live in icy regions, the HydroLions live primarily in the coastal regions and in the sea. They’re aquatic lions and are known for being particularly fast swimmers. This is also why they’re among the best fishers in the country, and the HydroLions fishing boats are responsible for catching most of the seafood that is eaten by different tribes.
In the old country, the HydroLions used to live beside the sea, and the soil in this region was really not conducive for agriculture of any sort. However, the lions realised that the sea offered a source of unlimited food and nourishment. They started out fishing by themselves, but over time they have built large fishing ships and trawlers that they use.
In addition to this, the HydroLions’ dependence on the sea also brought about other changes. For one, the lions developed a tolerance for seawater over time, and now they do not drink normal water at all. Secondly, they became superb swimmers and divers, which also opened up other modes of business for them. For example, pearl exploration is something that the HydroLions have started to do recently, and they also started selling pearl jewellery to the mainland lions.
The HydroLions decided to leave the old country in the search for better lands with all the other lions, and in Utopia, they settled down near the sea. Like the AnatoLions, they’re also worried about the harmful emissions from the factories, since the melting of the polar caps will result in higher sea levels that could wipe out the coastal areas. Therefore, they are also an important stakeholder in the discussions to reduce harmful emissions.
The HydroLions are usually fun and adventurous. They love trying out new things and experiences, they’re amazing surfers, and they live with a very strong sense of community. They always believe in putting the welfare of the tribe above their own individual welfare, which is why they’re also among the most peaceful tribes in all of Utopia.
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Salient Features of Aquatic Lions
AnatoLions Tribe
HydroLions Tribe