Group 2: Military Lions

Salient Features of Military Lions

% of Total Lions: 26% Tribes Included: Cybernetics, Commandos, BatLions Primary Tasks: Update the defence systems of Utopia Complete the rounds around Utopia to ensure that all the defence systems are online and operational Train new recruits in the Military Academy

Cybernetics Tribe

% of Total Lions: 4% Bodies Included: Red Robot Lion Yellow Robot Lion Black & White Robot Lion Rarity Rank: 2
Tribe Story: The Cybernetics tribe is one of the newer tribes in Utopia. In the old world, they were designed to be robots that would do the bidding of the tyrant. They were then used to ravage war and wreak havoc in the lives of innocent men, women, and children. Since they were cybernetic organisations controlled by centralised software, the tyrant thought that there was no chance of them ever betraying him.
Over time, the tyrant replaced his entire personal force with these cybernetics, and the software controlling them was given complete charge of his security. However, the software began to learn and gained sentience, thus setting the Cybernetics free.
The Cybernetics then left with the rest of the lions and wandered around until they found Utopia. Due to their skills and the high computing power of their brain, they gained a seat on the Lion Pride Club, the club that governed Utopia. The Cybernetics also built a map of Utopia, which allowed the Lion Pride Club to easily allocate land to different tribes.
Most Cybernetic lions have their own set of special abilities, which give them a distinct advantage. Currently, Cybernetics supervise the defence planning and handle the accounts of the Lion Pride Club. They’re known for being smart and charismatic, however, they usually do not mingle much with the other tribes, and prefer to keep to themselves.

Commandos Tribe

% of Total Lions: 13% Bodies Included: Heavy Camouflage Lion Light Camouflage Lion Bloody Lion Bullet Wounded Lion Rarity Rank: 10
Tribe Story: The Commando lions stand out from all the other tribes in the Lion Pride Club for one simple reason: they’re not genetically enhanced in any way, shape, or form. In the old days, the Commandos were just ordinary lions that lived in the harshest part of the country.
Their locality was overrun with crime, and muggings were very common here. In addition to this, this area was also strife with poverty and a lack of employment opportunities. In order to survive, the Commandos had to learn how to defend themselves from a very young age.
Over the years, this self-defence training just became a part of the Commando upbringing. Commando kids are placed into extensive physical training involving exercise, rock-climbing, hunting, and resilience training at the age of 3. By the time they are 5, the kids are already physically fit, and they are then placed into martial art classes.
These lions are both feared and respected throughout the country because of their training, ferocity, and sheer strength. Back when they lived in the old country, the military had an entire platoon just filled with Commando lions, which was led by the legendary general NapoLion. In an army filled with lions that had ‘abilities’, Commandos were an exception, yet they have never failed a mission to date.
In Utopia, the Commandos are responsible for handling the defence of the country. However, the Commandos swore an oath when they left the old country: they would never attack first. Therefore, the military might of Utopia is only meant to be used for defensive capabilities.
The Commandos live in a considerably better locality now that they are in Utopia, however, the physical fitness and training regimen is still very much ingrained in their culture.

BatLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 9% Bodies Included: Tattoo Lion Black Lion Dark Black Lion Rarity Rank: 8
Tribe Story: The BatLions are a unique tribe because of how dynamic they are. Most tribes have been doing the same thing for generations without any change. However, this is not the case with the BatLions. Over time, they had to undergo a dramatic revamping of who they are and what they stand for.
In the old country, the BatLions basically served as the Secret Service. Their job was to spy on the lions, identifying those that might commit acts of treason against the tyrant, and then punish those lions accordingly. They maintained files on all politically active lions and often brought people in for questioning simply on whims and suspicions. There were also rumours that the BatLions were responsible for torturing lions that did not answer their questions satisfactorily.
The BatLions were a key part of the infrastructure that enabled the tyrant to control the population and consolidate his power. However, as time went by, the tyrant got more and more paranoid that he would be the target of a revolution that he started ordering crackdowns on any area that was even slightly a threat. He began to shut down universities and schools, calling them “schools of free thought and an enemy of the state”. The purpose of the BatLions shifted from preventing dissent to simply inflicting atrocities on lions to avoid even the chance of a revolution.
This didn’t sit well with some of the senior BatLions, and when they heard of the plan to leave the country in search of better lands, they decided to take it. When they reached Utopia, there was no need for a Secret Service, and the tribe decided to become the police force of the country instead. They became fighters of crime, just like they were earlier, except this time they were working for the good of the state and not for a ruthless and cruel tyrant. Their work has helped make Utopia safe and crime-free.
As lions, the BatLions tend to be highly reserved and they very rarely socialise. They often have an air of mystery around them, and their tattoos make them look quite intimidating.
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Salient Features of Military Lions
Cybernetics Tribe
Commandos Tribe
BatLions Tribe