Group 1: Agricultural Lions

Salient Features of Agricultural Lions

% of Total Lions: 29% Tribes Included: CreedLions, LionStripes, GuineaLions Primary Tasks: Plant seeds of crops during farming season Harvest the crops and transport them to wholesalers for further sale Fertilise the soil and maintain it through fertilisers and irrigation measures

CreedLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 13% Bodies Included: Extra Shredded Lion Brown Lion Scarred Lion Beige Lion Rarity Rank: 11
Tribe Story: From a very young age, the CreedLions undergo strength training that involves strict diet control and a complete workout regimen. Food is allocated to the different members of the tribe based on their position in the CreedBoard, which is the leaderboard of their fighting club. CreedLions enter boxing matches, and the winner gets rewards in the form of food and social clout.
CreedLions are one of the strongest tribes in the entire Lion Pride Club, and they have immense amounts of discipline. Every adult lion in the tribe works out for 3 hours in the morning, and they have a monthly championship wherein the standings on the CreedBoard are decided. This is the tribe’s biggest event, and being on the CreedBoard is a dream for most young lions in the tribe.
CreedLions are recognizable by their bodies, which are incredibly toned and muscular as a result of their exercise regimen. In addition to this, their fighting and training mean that most of them also have misshapen noses and scars from the fights. The tribe used to look upon scars as an indication of strength and resilience, as the more scars you had, the more experience you had fighting. However, in Utopia this was no longer necessary which is why most young lions do not have scars anymore.
The tribe left the old country in order to search for a better life where they would not have to fight for a living. When they reached Utopia, they settled in a better part of the country where resources were not so scarce. Now, even though the lions still compete for spots on the CreedBoard, it is done more like a tradition than a means of getting access to good food.
Members of the CreedLions are currently engaged in either agriculture or working in the Aristocat factories, where their physical strength comes in handy. They are among the largest agricultural tribes in Utopia, and the food they produce provides nourishment to most other tribes in the country.

LionStripes Tribe

% of Total Lions: 9% Bodies Included: Zebra Lion Light Zebra Lion Leopard Lion Rarity Rank: 7
Tribe Story: The LionStripes are an evolutionary marvel and their history goes back thousands of years. Back then, they used to live by themselves in the jungle, isolated from all the other tribes. Due to this, they missed out on a lot of technological innovations such as the wheel, the Internet, and weaponry. The LionStripes tribe is still quite primitive and believes that technology does more harm than good.
However, this also means that when they went hunting or searching for resources, they had to compete against tribes that were a lot more advanced than them, which put them at a disadvantage. Therefore, over the course of several generations, they have evolved to make up for this disparity.
The LionStripes usually have pitch-black or yellow skin, which enables them to blend in with their surroundings. Some of them also have stripes or spots, which allow them to move through grassy parts of the jungle without being detected. The tribe prefers to hunt at night, when their skin, superior sense of vision, and their soundproof paws give them a distinct advantage over everyone else.
Back in the old country, the LionStripes’ jungles became targets for the tyrant, who saw them as mere sources of wood, meat, and medicines. Therefore, he ordered the indiscriminate cutting of thousands of these trees, severely depleting the animal and plant life in the jungle. The LionStripes’ were the most affected by this, however, they were powerless to do anything. After all, they couldn’t stand against the tyrant with all his might and all his armies.
Therefore, they decided to do the next best thing and leave the country with the other lions. In Utopia, they settled in a jungle, and its upkeep is now their responsibility. Having lived in the jungles for so long, they have a special understanding and relationship with its creatures, and hence they are uniquely qualified to ensure that the flora and fauna of the region are maintained.
Like lions, the LionStripes are usually friendly, very knowledgeable, and highly resourceful. However, they are also fiercely protective, especially if someone threatens their habitat or sovereignty.

GuineaLions Tribe

% of Total Lions: 8% Bodies Included: Solana Lion Lava Lion Zombie Lion Yellow Lion Rarity Rank: 5
Tribe Story: The GuineaLions are among the newer tribes that have only come up recently since the move to Utopia. They are the result of scientific experiments gone wrong, and therefore they look very different from the other lions. Their origin story is also quite interesting.
At one point, the tyrant became obsessed with trying to push the boundaries of science even further. Therefore, he sanctioned a series of experiments that were designed to create a new series of super-strong lions that could be easily manipulated.
Some of the experiments worked, and some didn’t. The scientists were successful in creating lions that could withstand immense heat, those that could go months without requiring food, and other lions with different abilities. However, these lions proved to be much more difficult to control than the tyrant had anticipated.
At first, they were quite docile and followed orders. However, they were not machines, and at some point, they realised what they were doing. They refused to be a party to the murder of innocent lions and tried to leave. The tyrant locked them up and ordered the scientists to kill all of them. However, they somehow managed to escape and joined the other lions on their journey to Utopia.
Over time, these lions banded together and decided to create a tribe called the GuineaLions. They now help around Utopia, taking on jobs that are too dangerous for normal lions. For example, a lot of them work in potentially dangerous roles in factories. Their unique abilities give them a distinct advantage and a pool of jobs that only they can do.
As lions, the GuineaLions are quite socially awkward, which is primarily because they have not had a lot of interactions with other lions since they were created in a lab. However, once they befriend someone, they are fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect their loved ones. Due to the fact that they always felt like outsiders because of their appearance, their tribe means everything to them, and they are hugely involved in the community.
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Salient Features of Agricultural Lions
CreedLions Tribe
LionStripes Tribe
GuineaLions Tribe