Lion Pride Club family
As of May 2022, the NFT market is worth around $11 billion, and new projects are launched every day. These NFT projects are based on a variety of blockchains, ranging from Ethereum, Solana to Cardano and Polygon. What initially started off as a way to record and store the ownership of a digital asset has slowly grown to become so much more, with NFTs being used for everything from concert tickets to game characters. However, there is still a distinct gap in the market in terms of quality projects, both in terms of those that have good artwork and those that provide real utility to their holders.
Lion Pride Club presents a solution to this problem by bringing a new experience to the NFT world: high-quality artwork backed by strong utilities, well-planned tokenomics, and a P2E game, all executed by a team of publicly doxxed professionals that are among the best at what they do.
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